Scales of War

Ugarth Hellscream

And suddenly, drakes!

So, we went down the stairs. Thoradin was ahead, like he used to do. “Penance”, he says. “I weell prrotect us”, he usually adds. More like playing the martyr, if you ask me. Claid and Occam walked behind me. Claid was all over the girl, Jalissa. An’ the girl was touched by her god, like Occam, so he been wanting to talk to her since he found out. ‘cept, he didn’t do . Funny ones, humans. Can’t want a woman and just steal her away, they have to be all talky and fuzzy about it.

My leg was hurtin’ a lot, going down those stairs. I thought that flail had done some serious business with my shin, and the damp air down there, I could feel it in the bone. At the bottom of the stairs, Thoradin looked back and yelled. “Anywun houngree? Fresch dinnehr heer!”, in his stupid rock-man words. The other dwarf, the young and less mad one, rushed past all ov’ us – tackling mah leg, too -, stopping next to Thoradin. And smacked him at the top of his head. “Arr ye mad, pal’din? These ain fer eatin’. They be taller then ourselv’s. An’ grey. Not a neece colour fer ye food ta haev.”, he was tellin’ him. Then Thor quickly turned around and stopped. “Waeit.” We waeit ed, ‘till he turned back and said. “I herd sumthin’ moov o’er there”. Claid stepped forward (and, curse the gods, mah leg). He listened to the nothing, but still said there could be somethin’ over a certain pile of rubble.

It wasn’t easy say which one he pointed at. The room was great. Twice greater than your great hall. The old guy we save’d said the room wasn’t a room, but a loads of ‘em, an the walls had crumbled. Anyways, it was big, I guessed Thor was talkin about those shrooms that wer spawnin all over everywher.

Nobody was movin, so Claid step’d up. Thor followed thru. An behind a pile o rubble, they found a drake. The thing hissed. Thor was kinda blown back, but not Claid. Heh, he decided it’d be nice to pet the thing. He reached out, ‘n of corse, the thing bit him. Really, what was he expectin? That a drake be all smiles an’ freakin sunshines? Well, the thing bit him pretty hard on the shoulder, hard ‘nuff te draw some red. Thor got all red too, in his raeg. There I got all this idea of keeping it as a pet. Heh. Or a ride. Heh! I smiled on the inside. Think about it. How many orcs do ya know that ride drakes? Drakes! I shouted at Thor to not kill it. And the moron charged the beast with his shiny arse.. heh, axe, and the damned thing can really cut you bad. Yeah, it did. The drake shrieked real loud. That’s when the Occam guy snapped back into our reality. “Ah! We fight!?”. Heh. That’s what he said, and he started his murmur chanting.

Noone ever listens to the rogue. When the rogue says like “Let me peek through the door first”, it has to mean he wants the treasure for his’self. When he’s all “Guys, let’sall do some restin’”, all he wants is to take folks unaware ‘n slit their throats. If the rogue’s leg is bleeding like a freakin pig in the stocks, all the damn thing is a ruse to get everyun to lower their guard. So while the team is sitting around an resting themselves fresh, Ugarth stands guard, lest he decides to kill us all. No mind he can barely stand. Better than havin him stab our backs. An that, ser, is all I wanted to do, when a darn drake growled at my face an I had to tumble back so I wasn’t drake fodder.

Them ‘shrooms were bright ‘nuff to see right, so I ‘n Occam stay’d back. Then, I threw a star at the drake. It was goin straight at it, but out offa huge pile of stuffs shot a second one, that pounced on Claid. It made quite a mess on his way. Trampled over a bush o’shrooms, that spread its dust things all over. Thor must have snorted some, coz in a couple seconds he was all drowsy in the middle of a fight.

On tha right wall was a way out. Someone was in there (or not, y’a know? Heh..), ‘cause Thor shouted at ‘em to stay there. As if any sane man would step into the room with two drakes an a maniac. Heh, an a rogue, of corse. Who doesn’t love ‘em? Anyways, Occam shot one of the drakes real nice, and it fell. Damn him. Had a black stripe down its arm, it’d be real nice to… Heh. Yes.

There was still another. Thor got a soft spot with the axe that made it roar. I limped to it. Then Occam shot it to the side of the head. Bad time. I had just got to it and tapped its shoulder. It snapped back, and tapped my shoulder. With claws the size of my arm. Luckily I put his head in a great position for Claid to stick his blades innit.

We stepped into the next room to see an old lady woman inside of a blue hamster ball.


Aran Aran

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